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ATcon is a management consulting firm for automobile and truck dealers specializing in Fixed Operations Consulting and Service Advisor Training. We generally avoid the segregation between service, parts and body shop. By utilizing a holistic approach to consulting we facilitate and enhance the potential for success and greater profitability.

Consulting companies have long made the mistake of categorizing themselves as service, parts, or body shop specialists. We believe our potential clients are best served and have the right to expect assistance in all of these areas, as well as recognition of the need for coordination between departments to achieve the desired results.

ATcon is known for its “clean sheet” approach to consulting. We understand fully that no business has the same situation. Therefore each consulting activity results in recommendations tailored to the individual client.

General Motors Minority Dealership Association
13 Aug : 11:00  by Ed Carman

Dear GMMDA Members and Staff,

We are so happy to have been afforded the opportunity to support your organization as a preferred vendor! As many of you are undoubtedly aware, we count many of you in our list of success stories. We have had the good fortune to work both on an individual dealership basis and through a couple of manufacturer driven programs with minority dealer clients in the past, and look forward to continuing to do so.

Please call us at your convenience to discuss any element of your Fixed Operations environment, and let us show you how we can help guide you to a solution. We are happy to provide complimentary assessments of your current situation; as well as a discussion of potential opportunities-via phone, email, or when possible, an introductory onsite visit.

We are driven in our consulting activities by three basic beliefs. First, every client’s situation is unique, and advice should be given only after a clear understanding of the current situation is achieved. Second, training and onsite assistance is only effective if sustainability is clearly evident. Third, the prescription for improvement should be wholistic in nature; recognizing that for successful upgrades to flourish, the service functions also must rely on cohesion and cooperation with the parts department.

Again, we are very thankful for the prospect to help your members, your organization, and your customers. Please contact us if we may be of service in any way, (800) 692-2719 or We look forward to hearing from you!

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